I’m a communicator by trade; capturing stories with words and pictures is part of my DNA. You could say it comes froma love of people – their past, present and an intense belief in their future.

I also remember being fascinated with light as a child – how to catch it, how to use it and how its presence or lack thereof could convey so much emotion. This fascination may have grown out of an overwhelming fear of the dark as a little girl, but I’d say my passion for photography is a great silver lining (and totally worth those nightmares).

I’ve been taking pictures the majority of my life; my parents gave me my first camera when I was six years old. There’s an optimism that comes from being behind the lens. Each time I take the camera in hand, I have the chance to see the world with new perspective – whether that’s physically changing my angle or getting in-tune with how a subject sees the world.

I love to work, and I’d love to work with you. Let me document your story.


One thought on “About

  1. You are amazing, Callie Corley. I love your work and you’re such an inspiration. Your hard work simply amazes me. I don’t see how you manage to juggle all of your responsibilities and go above and beyond. All our your pictures are perfect and your creative posts are so intriguing! Thanks for all you do!

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