A friend for life

It’s not everyday you get to photograph one of your best friends in the whole wide world in her wedding dress. Katie hasĀ been one of my biggest supporters from the beginning of our friendship, and she asked me to do her bridal shoot. We met up at Jackson Lake Island, in the town of Spectre, just a few weeks before her beautiful wedding to capture just a few shots. And just few HOURS later, I looked back through my camera and couldn’t believe how much of Katie’s honest, sweet beauty we were able to capture. She is a treasure, my confessorĀ and a life-long friend. My only hope was to capture photos she’d be proud of.

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If the town looks familiar, it might actually be. This is where they filmed the movie “Big Fish.” By far one of my most favorite places I’ve shot so far.


You have to know how to laugh

Tiffany and I went to college together, so when she asked me to shoot some pictures of her and her boyfriend, I didn’t hesitate. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, but the moment we met up at RailRoad Park in downtown Birmingham, I remembered why she’d been so fun to hang out with. Tiffany really knows how to laugh, and doesn’t let looking silly stop her. Ever. And she’s found her counterpart with Eric. They’re both goofy and know how to make each other laugh. And if there’s one piece of advice we always hear from older generations, you have to know how to laugh with your partner.

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RailRoad park is a great backdrop of any and all occasions. Let me know how I can captured your laughs for a lifetime.

Life is a cabaret, old friend

I had such a great time on this shoot. Tiffanie is a dancer and is such a fun person. She’s brave and ballsy, in the most lady like way. We were in rural north Alabama just working our way up this one stretch of road stopping and taking pictures at things that struck a chord. We spent a few hours doing this shoot. And I think we got some great things. Hope you enjoy!

Illustrious Lisbeth

I had the opportunity to work with Lisbeth by chance. We met randomly at a Kinetics Entertainment/Productions performance and I was excited to get a session with her. She’s the mother of two beautiful boys, and she’s a knock out. Quiet and reserved, you can definitely see the intensity she brings to the table. I hope to have more shoots with her, and her little ones!

Humble glamor

I had the opportunity to take some glamor head shots for a co-worker of mine. I worried whether I’d be able to capture both the sass and the intensity she brings to the table. We tried two different locations, with two totally different feels. Her dog Potter came along for one of them. And I think what we captured beautifully showcases who she is.

Better late than never

Winter flew by, and when I looked up, April was here. I’ve been absent online these past few months. But, now I’m back. And I’ve got plenty of stuff for you guys. Here’s a look at some of the Christmas pictures I did for folks in the area. I hope you like them.

As wedding season gears up, I hope you keep me in mind when engagements come up, or parties come around.