Illustrious Lisbeth

I had the opportunity to work with Lisbeth by chance. We met randomly at a Kinetics Entertainment/Productions performance and I was excited to get a session with her. She’s the mother of two beautiful boys, and she’s a knock out. Quiet and reserved, you can definitely see the intensity she brings to the table. I hope to have more shoots with her, and her little ones!

Humble glamor

I had the opportunity to take some glamor head shots for a co-worker of mine. I worried whether I’d be able to capture both the sass and the intensity she brings to the table. We tried two different locations, with two totally different feels. Her dog Potter came along for one of them. And I think what we captured beautifully showcases who she is.

Better late than never

Winter flew by, and when I looked up, April was here. I’ve been absent online these past few months. But, now I’m back. And I’ve got plenty of stuff for you guys. Here’s a look at some of the Christmas pictures I did for folks in the area. I hope you like them.

As wedding season gears up, I hope you keep me in mind when engagements come up, or parties come around.


Marta Maternity

I met Marta through a modeling website, and she swore she’d never modeled before. However, I beg to differ. I loved doing this maternity shoot; it was invigorating. Pregnant women are beautiful! Her baby boy is due at the end of the month, so tell me what you think. I’m looking forward to the next session.

I’ve got a few more session open before New Years. Maternity, children, events. Contact me!


What started as a night out to support an artist turned into a creative venture of a different sort when we decided to hold an impromptu photo shoot after leaving the venue. Needless to say, when others push you to go beyond your comfort zone, great things can happen. Enjoy.

Can you spot the cool thing in this photo? Tell me 🙂

A little posterization on the next photo; just playing around.

Farmers Market

Summer is almost over, so what better way to send it off right than with a tribute to some of its better blessings. I mean, summer in the South lasts from about April until September, so we get more fruits and vegetables for longer than other places in the contiguous 48 – but we also get the heat at higher temperatures for longer. I’m always happy to see summer come, and even happier to see it go… except for losing the fresh produce.

Here are some pictures from my many trips to the Farmers Market. Enjoy.