My Strongest Suit

The folks over at Zoe’s Consignment in Forest Park were wonderful about letting us browse the clothing ranks to find some great outfits for the shoot. If you’ve never been down there, it’s on Clairmont Avenue near V. Richards. It’s a hidden treasure in my opinion – and I think you’ll agree when you see what gems we found.

As they say, every stitch is stitched in time… and consignment shopping really makes you believe it. The clothes tell a story, as much as the person wearing them. Enjoy!

MUA Tasha Thomas

Model Megan Montalbano


Tangled up in…

I did some promotional shots for a woman who hosts jean parties; a company called Wearin’ Da Blues. They’re like Mary Kay or Tupperware parties, only with jeans. She’s got a great assortment of designers and brands. You can get in touch with her at

I won’t deny it – I’m referring to this as my blue period, like Piscasso. Enjoy. Oh, and as you’ll see I added a watermark. Now… enjoy!

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