All work and no play…

I took part in a photography workshop organized by a Birmingham modeling agency with three beautiful models. I won’t bore you with the technical details, but I do think we were able to capture some great shots. The location (which will remain, shh… a secret) was phenomonal. It’s got me thinking of my next move in business.

Take a look at the photos. Tell me what you think. If you’re interested in a studio shoot, let me know. We’re almost done putting the finishing touches on the studio 🙂


Marta Maternity

I met Marta through a modeling website, and she swore she’d never modeled before. However, I beg to differ. I loved doing this maternity shoot; it was invigorating. Pregnant women are beautiful! Her baby boy is due at the end of the month, so tell me what you think. I’m looking forward to the next session.

I’ve got a few more session open before New Years. Maternity, children, events. Contact me!


What started as a night out to support an artist turned into a creative venture of a different sort when we decided to hold an impromptu photo shoot after leaving the venue. Needless to say, when others push you to go beyond your comfort zone, great things can happen. Enjoy.

Can you spot the cool thing in this photo? Tell me 🙂

A little posterization on the next photo; just playing around.

My Strongest Suit

The folks over at Zoe’s Consignment in Forest Park were wonderful about letting us browse the clothing ranks to find some great outfits for the shoot. If you’ve never been down there, it’s on Clairmont Avenue near V. Richards. It’s a hidden treasure in my opinion – and I think you’ll agree when you see what gems we found.

As they say, every stitch is stitched in time… and consignment shopping really makes you believe it. The clothes tell a story, as much as the person wearing them. Enjoy!

MUA Tasha Thomas

Model Megan Montalbano

Make love, not war

I know I promised Sloss pictures, but you know art. It can’t be contained… and sometimes, it doesn’t go as planned. And I think I’ve got something better for you. My business partner stumbled upon this location with his ever watchful and artistic eye.

Four different setting, four different moods. Tell me what you think.


So long, Summer…

As we’re feeling the last few warm afternoons of summer, I thought I’d add some photos from a water shoot we did this year. Just a little Summer salute!

COMING UP THIS WEEKEND – Shoot at Sloss with Jesska and Pip, so make sure you stop by next week to see the results. Or, subscribe to the blog and you’ll get an email when the new photos are added.

For rates, email me at or call me… 334-462-7286. I’ve only got a few fall shoots left!


I had such a tremendous time doing this shoot with Libby. Not only is she funny, but she’s also got a lot of experience as a model. I felt like she was teaching me more than I was taking her picture. As you’ll see, we’re in a cemetery. Libby wasn’t afraid or timid about anything, and that was such a great thing not to worry about. I find people are more often than not creeped out by cemeteries. Not me, and not Libby. Hopefully, this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even get to shoot Libby’s photo for her book cover or column one day 🙂