Better late than never

Winter flew by, and when I looked up, April was here. I’ve been absent online these past few months. But, now I’m back. And I’ve got plenty of stuff for you guys. Here’s a look at some of the Christmas pictures I did for folks in the area. I hope you like them.

As wedding season gears up, I hope you keep me in mind when engagements come up, or parties come around.




Another model I’ve been working with, Megan. She’s a great sport – no pun intended – and loves to have fun; which makes her the ideal model to work with on long, hot shoots… as most of ours have been. I know we’re both looking forward to the lower temperatures.

Farmers Market

Summer is almost over, so what better way to send it off right than with a tribute to some of its better blessings. I mean, summer in the South lasts from about April until September, so we get more fruits and vegetables for longer than other places in the contiguous 48 – but we also get the heat at higher temperatures for longer. I’m always happy to see summer come, and even happier to see it go… except for losing the fresh produce.

Here are some pictures from my many trips to the Farmers Market. Enjoy.

Tangled up in…

I did some promotional shots for a woman who hosts jean parties; a company called Wearin’ Da Blues. They’re like Mary Kay or Tupperware parties, only with jeans. She’s got a great assortment of designers and brands. You can get in touch with her at

I won’t deny it – I’m referring to this as my blue period, like Piscasso. Enjoy. Oh, and as you’ll see I added a watermark. Now… enjoy!

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