Life is a cabaret, old friend

I had such a great time on this shoot. Tiffanie is a dancer and is such a fun person. She’s brave and ballsy, in the most lady like way. We were in rural north Alabama just working our way up this one stretch of road stopping and taking pictures at things that struck a chord. We spent a few hours doing this shoot. And I think we got some great things. Hope you enjoy!


Illustrious Lisbeth

I had the opportunity to work with Lisbeth by chance. We met randomly at a Kinetics Entertainment/Productions performance and I was excited to get a session with her. She’s the mother of two beautiful boys, and she’s a knock out. Quiet and reserved, you can definitely see the intensity she brings to the table. I hope to have more shoots with her, and her little ones!

Tangled up in…

I did some promotional shots for a woman who hosts jean parties; a company called Wearin’ Da Blues. They’re like Mary Kay or Tupperware parties, only with jeans. She’s got a great assortment of designers and brands. You can get in touch with her at

I won’t deny it – I’m referring to this as my blue period, like Piscasso. Enjoy. Oh, and as you’ll see I added a watermark. Now… enjoy!

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