Illustrious Lisbeth

I had the opportunity to work with Lisbeth by chance. We met randomly at a Kinetics Entertainment/Productions performance and I was excited to get a session with her. She’s the mother of two beautiful boys, and she’s a knock out. Quiet and reserved, you can definitely see the intensity she brings to the table. I hope to have more shoots with her, and her little ones!


All work and no play…

I took part in a photography workshop organized by a Birmingham modeling agency with three beautiful models. I won’t bore you with the technical details, but I do think we were able to capture some great shots. The location (which will remain, shh… a secret) was phenomonal. It’s got me thinking of my next move in business.

Take a look at the photos. Tell me what you think. If you’re interested in a studio shoot, let me know. We’re almost done putting the finishing touches on the studio 🙂